CADET山田屋cadet yamadaya

Address 〒160-0022
3-13-9 Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Phone +81-3-3225-1377
Location Shinjuku
Category Other Japanese
Smoking Smoking Allowed for Certain Times
Credit Cards Credit Cards Accepted  (JCB , VISA , Master Card , Diners Club)
Free Wi-Fi Available
Hours Daytime 11:30 AM ~ 02:00 PM
Night 05:00 PM ~ 09:00 PM
Closed Sunday,Holidays,New Year's Holiday
Menu Language 日本語,English,한국어,简体中文,繁体
Access 3 min.walk from the B2 of Shinjuku-Sanchome station
Price Range approx. 10,000yen
Misc. Charges (Cover Charge, Service Charge, Appetizers, etc.) Available(only at night) (10%)


1Cooked-rice Soup (Pufferfish)


2Deep-fried Tiger Globefish


3Tiger-globefish Sashimi


4Deep Fried Pufferfish


5Pufferfish Skin-strip Sashimi


6Pufferfish Simmered with Vegetables


7Hotpot with Pufferfish and Vegetables


8Pufferfish in Savory Jelly


9Pufferfish Milt


10Broiled Pufferfish


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