Address 〒135-0047
1-25-3 MouriBuilding 4F Tomioka,Koto-ku,Tokyo
Phone +81-3-5875-9983
Location Others
Category Bar, Beer Hall
Smoking Smoking Allowed on Entire Floor
Credit Cards Credit Cards Accepted  (JCB , VISA , Master Card , AMERICAN EXPRESS)
Free Wi-Fi Available
Hours Night 05:00 PM ~ 07:00 AM
Monday-Saturday pm5-am7 Sunday pm3-pm11
Closed Always Open
Menu Language 日本語,English,한국어,简体中文
Access 5 min.walk from the 2 of Monzennakacho station
Price Range approx. 2,000yen
Misc. Charges (Cover Charge, Service Charge, Appetizers, etc.) Available

1Deep-fried Chicken


2Fried Potatoes


3Chicken Nuggets


4Onion Rings


5Assorted Sausages


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