Terms of Use for All Users of Tokyo Menu, Search Page for Restaurants with Multilingual Menus

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established the following terms of use (hereafter referred to as "The Terms") regarding the usage of Tokyo Menu, search page for restaurants with multilingual menus (hereafter referred to as "The Site"). By using the services offered, the main users of The Site - foreign travellers and website visitors from Japan (hereafter referred to as "The Users") - shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of The Terms. Please read the following points carefully.

The contents of The Terms may be changed as required, therefore please refer to the latest Terms of Use whenever using The Site.

1: Provisions of Service

  • Use of the services provided by The Site
    Use of the services provided is subject to agreeing to The Terms.

  • Guarantee of service and changes to the contents of service
    There is no guarantee that the services provided are free from flaws or bugs.
    Further, the service contents and specifications may be changed, or the provision thereof cancelled, without prior notice to The Users.

  • Map information service
    There is also no guarantee regarding map information such as the location of the restaurants listed.

2: Prohibited actions

Users are prohibited from conducting the following when using The Site.

  • The act of submitting to, or registering with, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government any information for registration or other purposes that contains falsehoods, errors or omissions.
  • Any act that violates the rights possessed by other users, third parties or The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or has the potential to do so.
  • Any act contrary to public order and morals.
  • The act of fabricating any information that can be used on The Site.
  • The act of creating or distributing malicious software.
  • Any act that obstructs the operation of The Site, or has the potential to do so.
  • Any act in violation of the law, or any act that may violate the law, such as the spreading of rumours.
  • Any other act that The Tokyo Metropolitan Government deems inappropriate.

3: Regarding translated content

Though this service employs translations from Japanese into other languages that have been conducted by professional translators, there are cases where it is not possible to translate everything correctly, so there is a possibility that the original Japanese content has not been properly reflected.
In addition, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government accepts no responsibility should you incur any damages - whether direct or indirect - through the use of this service.

4: Disclaimers

Absolutely no guarantee can be given as to the completeness or accuracy of information published on this site. Changes may be made to information that has been posted without prior notice.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is not liable for any loss or damages - whether direct or indirect - that result from using the information or contents contained within The Site.

5: Copyright, intellectual property rights

All rights (ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc.) pertaining to the content (text, images, software and other data, etc.) that makes up The Site, belong to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the business owners or right holders (hereafter referred to as "The Right Holders") who display their restaurant on The Site. No User may reproduce, duplicate, reprint, transmit, accumulate, sell or publish the content, regardless of method or form, without the permission of The Right Holders.

6: Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Use of The Site as well as the interpretation and application of The Terms referred to here shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first hearing for any and all disputes concerning the use of The Site.