Address 〒104-0061
3-5-5 B1 Ginza,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Phone +81-3-3564-2709
Location Ginza
Category Ramen
Smoking Smoking Allowed on Entire Floor
Card/mobile payment Credit Cards Not Accepted
Free Wi-Fi Not Available
Big screen for watching sports Not Available
Hours Morning 11:30 AM ~ 00:00 AM
Closed New Year's Holiday
Menu Language 日本語,English,한국어,简体中文,繁体
Access 3 min.walk from Ginza station
Price Range approx. 1,000yen
Misc. Charges (Cover Charge, Service Charge, Appetizers, etc.) Not Available


1Soy-sauce-marinated Soft-boiled Eggs


2Soy-sauce-flavored Ramen Noodles


3Noodles with Dipping Sauce


4Ramen Noodles with Pork-bone Stock


5Ramen Noodles in Miso-flavored Broth


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