personA Wow, it's my first time at a sushi-go-round!
Oh my, they are all going around on the conveyor belt!
Can I take any of them?
personB You can take whatever you like. There are some restaurants where you can order sushi directly that is not on the conveyor belt.
Looks like this place uses plates to show customers the price of each sushi plate by different colors and patterns.
personA Wait!
It's bad manners to return plates on the conveyor belt.
And you can't take so many plates you can't eat at once.
Also, do not take just sushi and leave the plates on the conveyor belt.
personB Everything looks delicious!
Oh, this plate is more expensive than others. I'll return it.
personA So, you serve tea for yourself, I see.
personB Yeah, this place has hot water dispensers that allow customers to serve their own tea.
Be careful, it's hot!
Take some Gari (pickled ginger) if you like.
It helps to freshen your mouth.
personA I'm so full. It was nice.
personB After having the waiter count our plates, we can check out.
Woah, you ate a lot!
They were all good.

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