Royal Garden CafeRoyal Garden Cafe

Address 〒102-0071
Iidabashi Grand BLOOM Sakura Terrace 2F,2-10-2 Fujimi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
Phone +81-3-3239-3777
Location Iidabashi, Kagurazaka, and Ochanomizu
Category Food from other countries
Smoking Smoke-free
Card/mobile payment Credit Cards Accepted
Free Wi-Fi Not Available
Big screen for watching sports Not Available
Hours 11:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM
Closed Always Open
Menu Language 日本語,English,한국어,简体中文,繁体
Access 1 min.walk from the West of Iidabashi station
Price Range approx. 2,000yen
Misc. Charges (Cover Charge, Service Charge, Appetizers, etc.) Not Available

Taxes Not Included

1Cheese Toast


2Focaccia,Prosciutto Gratin


3Pâté de Campagne


4Caesar Salad


  1. Chicken

5Avocado,Tomatoes Salad


6Margarita Pizza


7Eggplant,Mushrooms Spaghetti


  1. Tomato Sauce



  1. Chicken / Mushrooms

9Ricotta Pancakes


  1. Bananas

10Pho Ga, Vietnamese Chicken Soup


Taxes Not Included

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