personA Oh, we have to take our shoes off at this Izakaya. Where should I put them?
personB You have to use a shoebox with a key here. You put your shoes in, lock the shoebox and keep the key with you until you leave. In some places you only take your shoes off at your private room.
personA This Izakaya has a touch-panel for ordering. It's so easy as I can see pictures of the food to order. It's available in foreign languages too.
personB That's right. If it isn't available in your language or if you need help, just ask a member of staff. You can check your bill too.
personA Huh? I didn't order this.
personB This is a table charge dish called "Otōshi." The price and dish depend on the Izakaya.
personA How do we pay?
personB Sometimes you pay at the table, sometimes you go to the cash register. We pay at the cash register here. That was delicious!

Izakaya Culture 1

There are many "Izakaya" (Japanese-style bars) in Tokyo where you can enjoy a variety of delicious meals and alcohol. You can make eating and drinking in Tokyo more fun by getting to know Japan's unique bar culture.


Touch-panel menus

Table charge (Otōshi)

Paying your bill

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